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Maui Recap: Pictures Galore!

Am I really back home?! If you’ve visited my blog before then you may have noticed that I tweaked it a little and changed the look a bit. I like how it no longer looks too plain. 🙂 Anyway, my second trip to Maui was awesome but it sure went by fast! Unlike my first trip to Maui, this time I spent more time relaxing than exploring due to lack of time, plus we also traveled with a big group for our friends’ wedding. We stayed at the Westin Resort and Spa, which I definitely recommend! They have several pools and a fun waterslide and the resort grounds is just beautiful. I got a horrible sun burn that I’m still recovering from. Thank goodness for aloe vera!

I did lots of overindulging during my trip and you know what? I don’t feel guilty at all. I also did not work out unless you want to count the short jog I did on the sand in my summer dress. 🙂 I normally work my butt off when I go to the gym and I just wanted this vacation to be, well, just a vacation from everything. Anyway, enough rambling! Time for me to bombard you with pictures!

So beautiful and relaxing. I love beachfront hotels!

We enjoyed some lychee mimosas at Maui Fish & Pasta.

Just hanging out on the beach!

Our friends got married at the beautiful Olowalu Plantation House.

Pretty place setting. The wedding favors were cookies from Honolulu Cookie Company. When my husband and I were in Oahu a few months ago, we brought a huge box of these cookies home!

One of the dinner entrée choices at the wedding was macadamia nut crusted Mahi Mahi with lemongrass rice. It was so delicious!

Laying by the pool and soaking in the view.

We spent our last night at the Grand Honua`ula Luau that took place at the Grand Wailea Resort. This was when the pig was being dug out.

I enjoyed the food and was so stuffed afterward!

Maui sunsets are so beautiful!

Here are some of the dancers at the luau. I honestly was disappointed with this luau because it was very brief and I felt that it didn’t tell the story of Hawaiian history as well as other luaus I’ve been to. If you’re visiting Maui, I highly recommend the luau held at the Sheraton Resort and Spa.

Well, this wraps up my Maui recap! I wish I was still there but I guess I have to settle back into reality. In all honesty, it was nice taking a break from my blog and just enjoy my time with my husband and friends. I will get back to recipe developing and things will be back to normal soon at TFP! Have a great day!

Have you ever been to Hawaii? Which island(s)?

Do you workout while on vacation?

When was the last time you went on a trip? Where did you go?

Have you ever traveled for a destination wedding? Where?



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