Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites! Edition 7

Good morning and happy Friday! It’s time for a new roundup of edition 7 of my Friday Favorites!

Have you ever tried roasted seaweed snacks before? I like to eat it by itself but it’s also good in Japanese ramen soup or as a tuna salad wrap. Trader Joes also makes a wasabi version which I really like! I try not to overindulge in these too much because of the sodium level. Moderation is key!

PB Slim is now my favorite peanut butter! You just stir the powdered peanuts with water and that’s it! It contains fewer fat calories than your typical store bought peanut butter. I like to mix this in my smoothies or have it with my peanut butter banana pancakes.

I’ve been dealing with neck and back pain for the longest time, all thanks to the years I have spent working a desk job. Lately, my pain has been more excruciating to the point where I have limited my workouts all week and have only been doing cardio. In other words, no weight lifting. I started using my foam roller again and doing exercises to help ease my pain and open up my muscles more. Have you ever used a foam roller to help treat or prevent injuries?

Looking for a good read? I purchased The Happiness Project a few years ago and started recently reading it again. It’s a great book that helps you appreciate the small things in life that most of us often overlook and take for granted. It’s an easy read that is very thought provoking and may change the way you look at things.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s Friday Favorites! Have a marvelous weekend!

What is your favorite snack?

Do you have any book recommendations for me?



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