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Friday Favorites! Edition 6

Happy Friday, friends! Hope you have some fun plans for this holiday weekend! I’ll be staying in town but will be spending time with friends and family. Although it will be raining this weekend, I will still try to enjoy my weekend and make the most out of it! 🙂

Now let’s get to edition 6 of my Friday Favorites!

I’ve always been into bright workout clothes. What can I say? I think it’s fun to wear cute clothes while exercising, even though I usually look like a mess! This Reebok top is so comfy and I love the criss-cross back. Other than color and style, I am very picky when it comes to the fabric quality of my workout gear. I don’t like to wear anything that will stick to me or weigh me down while working out, which is why I always buy dry wick because it helps move moisture away from my body.

Apple cider vinegar is a staple in my kitchen. I used to drink it with juice but now I add it to my smoothies for an added kick of flavor. Apple cider vinegar can help with your body’s overall detoxification, aid in weight loss, and lower cholesterol.

I have been using Burt’s Bees chapstick for many years and swear by this product! I especially like their pomegranate replenishing formula. I’ve tried their other chapsticks but always come back to this one since it is so moisturizing. I’ve actually never tried any other Burt’s Bees products before but would love to give them a try. Please let me know if you would recommend any of their other products!

NYX is one of my favorite drugstore cosmetics brands. Their eye liner is such a steal! It doesn’t smudge or smear on my oily lids. I have been using this for a few months and think it’s better than a lot of expensive department store brands.

This wraps up edition 6 of my Friday Favorites! To check out my previous Friday Favorites, click on the links at the bottom of this post. Have a wonderful weekend!

Have you ever tried apple cider vinegar?

What are you planning to do this Memorial Day weekend?



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