Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites! Edition 5

Happy Friday, guys! Do you feel like each week just creeps up on us? I can’t believe we’re at edition 5 of my Friday Favorites! Let’s just jump right to it!

Coconut oil has so many great benefits! I use it primarily for cooking and healing dry skin. I heard it also works great as a hair mask but I have yet to give that a try.

If you’ve never tried Trader Joe’s cookie butter, then you need to try it now! I think it’s one of their best sellers and I can definitely see why. It’s totally addicting!

I’ve been using kettle bells more often lately when I work out at home. They are great for toning and cardio. I like how you can take kettle bells with you anywhere and don’t have to be in a gym, especially when it’s nice outside!

This is my go-to yoga bag! It is designed by Cassey of Blogilates. I like how you can use it as a yoga bag, work/laptop bag, and travel bag. I use it all the time and you can fit so many things in it!

Have you used coconut oil before? If so, what do you use it for?

What is your favorite workout equipment to use at home? Do you follow any fitness YouTubers?

Have an amazing weekend!



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